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We are committed to providing high-performance and green PVC processing aids with "low cost, excellent products, environmental protection and strong competition" for industry customers, and providing technical support

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Baiyi chemical industry is located in Quanzhou, one of the coastal cities at the beginning of the ancient Silk Road. The company has a long-term scientific research cooperation with Peking University, Beijing University of chemical technology, East China University of science and technology, Xiamen University and other universities, and established a long-term supply and demand relationship with well-known enterprises in the chemical industry at home and abroad. The company is aiming at the processing and modification of PVC: hard and soft, transparent and non transparent, foaming and non foaming products. There are six major product series, which are: high-efficiency MBS, ACR, CPE toughening agent, high-efficiency internal and external sliding agent, high-efficiency hydrotalcite and calcium zinc stabilizer, high-efficiency foaming agent and high-efficiency auxiliary agent, elastomer and modified materials, anti-oxidation aging agent, etc. the products are sold all over the world and major plastic processing areas in China.


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